Monday, 21 December 2015


REF No.NDGBGOA/CE/79/Seniority//2015-                                     DATE : 21-12-2015

The DGOF & Chairman,
Ordnance Factory Board,
10-A,S.K.Bose Road,
Kolkata-1.  (W.B).                           (Kind attention: - Member/Per.)

                 Sub: Discrepancy in Seniority list of JWM- reg

         Ref:1. NDGBGOA/CE/GENERAL/63/2014-09   Dated- 17-09-2014
    2. NDGBGOA/CE/GENERAL/64/2014-09  Dated- 27-11-2014
                3. NDGBGOA/CE/GENERAL/64/2015-01 Dated- 13-01-2015
                4. Task Force member (NDGBGOA) representation dated-11-08-2015
                5. Periodical meeting with Member/Per Dated- 01-04-2015 and 16-11-2015

            Reference cited, it is deeply regretted that NDGBGOA has represented for Correction in seniority list of JWMs (published on 18/11/2014) time and again but it is unnoticed by OFB till date which is creating disgruntlement among the JWM cadre.
         There was a Task force Committee under the chairmanship of S.K.SINGH (DIR/NG) in which suggestion from Task Force members were taken and thereafter no action has been initiated till date. Moreover in the last periodical meeting, DDG/NG and DIR/NG has assured that Decision regarding seniority list of JWMs will be taken as per the suggestion of Task Force Committee Members within 15 days, but till date it is totally ignored by OFB.
          Therefore, your kind intervention and earliest necessary action is requested for correcting Seniority list of JWM by December 2015.
 Thanking you,
                                                                                              Yours Faithfully,
                                                                                         (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                                    GENERAL SECRETARY                                          
Copy to:-
       1. The General Secretary/CDRA/New Delhi
  2.The DDG/NG&IR, O.F.Board, :- For information and necessary correction in Published Seniority list by December 2015 please.