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Ref.No.NDGBGOA/CE/25/RM/2015-05                            Date: 18-05-2015

 The Hon’ble Defence Minister,
 Ministry of Defence,
 Govt. of India,
 Visit at -OFBA. 
                      Sub: - Memorandum- Reg                                                            
Respected Sir,
                 On behalf of the Central Executive of the National Defence Group’B’ Gazetted Officers Association, we extend our heartiest congratulations on your assumption of charge as Honorable Defence Minister of our great nation. We sincerely hope that India will modernize its Defence force under your esteemed leadership.
                      Sir, this association has formed recently and could recognize by Govt. of India on 5th July 2013. NDGBGO association represent the Group B Gazetted Officers (middle management level) of Ordnance Factories those have got highest experience in all the level (Production, Planning, Procurement, Administration, etc). This Association is not only limited for the cadre interest but also striving to bring back the Golden History of Ordnance                                                                                            
Factories. The middle management cadre who are well known about reality of Ordnance Factories are always neglected by the top bosses and their voice was never been considered in any level (Factories, BOARD or Ministry level). The highest experienced cadre was always being used by top Officers to implement the orders without any discussions. Our Association is working in the interest of nation and cadre and we would like to draw your kind attention towards the following points for a better defence Production in our country.
Points In the interest of Factory as well as Nation

1. Permission for Export of  RDX and Commercial NC from OFBA               
                Ordnance Factory Bhandara is having RDX plant with a capacity of 1000 MT per annum. This is the only available plant in the country in the Private/ Public/Government Sector.  RDX production in O.F. Bhandara is converted into various compounds and supplied to Ammunition Factories for filling.  The Total annual requirement of filling Factories as on date is approximately 600 MT.  O.F. Bhandara can generate supply of 400 to 500 MT of RDX every year.  The approximate cost of RDX compounds of O.F. Bhandara varies between Rs. 11 to 12 lakhs per MT. On similar line, O.F. Bhandara has surplus capacity of Nitrocellulose [NC]. The present capacity is 120 MT per month, which includes both old and new plant, which is in the last phase of its commissioning.  The annual requirement of O.F. Bhandara is around 800 MT of NC per annum.  Therefore, O.F. Bhandara is in a position to export commercial NC to the tune of 300 to 400 MT per annum at a cost of around Rs. 5 lakhs per MT. To strengthen “Make in India and Made in India”, RDX and industrial NC may kindly be permitted for export as per Govt. Policy.

2. Solar Energy in O.F.Bhandara
                   O.F. Bhandara and its estate are spread over an area of around 4800 acres with hillocks.  It is estimated that 700 to 800 acres of land will not be used in the future for any expansion. This area is secure area and Maharastra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited [MSEDCL] Sub-Station having 1100 & 3300 KV set  up has already been available adjacent to the Factory Gate.  Therefore, grid connectivity to solar plant is very easy and cost-effective.  O.F. Bhandara had called M/s Solar Energy Corporation of India [SECI] , they have carried out survey and informed that   105 MW solar energy can be generated from the surplus land which is available at O.F. Bhandara estate.  The required land is cleared from trees and it is adjacent of the boundary wall of the factory. Your kind initiation in this regard is requested at the earliest please.
 3. Request for Granting of  Defence Ministry Award to O.F.Bhandara
          O.F. Bhandara in the last 03 years has done outstanding work.  The issue value of the factory went up from Rs. 160 crores to Rs. 324 crores [with only 5 to 6% escalation in the average issue price of the stores].  On the front economy, the average consumption per MT of the stores manufactured in the last 02 years has gone down by almost 50% in terms of quantity of Furnance Fuel oil, water, electricity, Freon Gas, Acetone etc.  The factory was earlier taking  budgetary  support from the Government of India but from the last 02 years it is generating surplus to the net budget. In the year 2013-14, O.F. Bhandara generated Rs. 12 Crores profit and  in the year 2014-15,  it is expected that it will be Rs. 50 crores [the final account is still under compilation].
          In view of the achieving above, we strongly demand the Prestigious Raksha Mantri Award for the Ordnance Factory, Bhandara.                  
Long pending Points of group B Gazetted Officers-
           It is deeply regretted that 5th and 6th CPC has demoralized the middle management cadre due to merging the cadres without any financial benefit. CPC has considered the industrial sectors at par with Office work of Central government Department. It is brought to your kind notice that,                         this cadre does not have any forum to address the Grievance of the cadres like Joint Consultative Machinery.  This scheme was introduced in 1966 with the object of promoting harmonious relationship and of securing the greatest measure of co- operation between the Government, in its capacity as employer, and its employees in matters of common concern, and with the object, and further of increasing the efficiency of public service.  However, such Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) scheme has been denied to Group’B’ Gazetted Officers at all the levels. In JCM forum, Group ‘A’ Officers are representing from Officials side and Group C employees are from staff side but there is no representation from Group B Gazetted Officers which results in the deprived position of the cadre. No opportunity has been assigned to Group B Gazetted Officers to express and short out their grievances. Therefore, this Association is constrained to pray for kind intervention of the Honorable Defence Minister in the following matter to undo the injustice that has persisted for decades.                    
1-Cadre Review of Group’B’ Gazetted Officers (JWM T/NT) It is brought to your kind notice that even after completion of two decades, the cadre review of Junior works Manager has not been carried out by OF Board.  As mentioned above, 5th and 6th CPC has merged the middle management cadre in Ordnance Factories resulted not only lack of promotional hierarchy but also created much more confusion in functioning of Ordnance Factories. The promotional channel for 7694 JWMs (Group B Gazetted) has been compressed to 188 AWM (Group A) with ratio of 41:1 which is negligible. The promotional channel for Group B cadre is as follows:
No. of POST - 188(about 50 annual vacancies)        

No. of POST - 7694
No. of POST – 12085
 Our Association has taken up the matter with OF Board as well as MoD many times after which a proposal from OF Board was forwarded to MoD and at present it is pending at Min. of Finance for approval. Your kind intervention is requested in this regard at the earliest please.

2. Incremental Benefit may be given to all CM/JWM who have been promoted between 01-01-2006 to 29-08-2008. As per 6th CPC both post CM II&CM-I and AF,FM,SH to JWM have been merged. But those have been promoted from CM-II to CM-I and AF,FM,SH to JWM between 01-01-2006 to 29-08-2008 their incremental benefit has been withdrawn. But some departments have been given financial benefit and in this regard some court also given verdict in favors of employees. In this connection O.F.Board has forwarded Proposal to Ministry of Defence and at present pending at MoD from last 7 Months.  Your kind intervention is requested in this regard at the earliest please.
3- Grievance redressal mechanism’ for Group B  Gazetted officers – Middle management cadre always considered to be the Back bone of Organisation. Group B – Gazetted officers cadre does not have any forum to address the Grievance of the cadres like Joint Consultative Machinery. Group ‘A’ Officers are representing from Officials side and Group C employees are from staff side but there is no representation from Group B Gazetted Officers which results in the deprived position of the cadre. No opportunity has been assigned to Group B Gazetted Officers to express and short out their grievances.     Therefore, this Association is constrained to pray for the intervention of the Honorable Defence Minister to include our cadre for redressal of our Grievance.  
4-Incentive scheme for Group B – Gazetted Officers in Ordnance Factories- It is brought to your kind notice that the pay package of a Group B Gazetted Officers (with Grade pay of 4600 in PB-II) is very low as compared to Group B Non Gazetted and Group C employees in Ordnance Factories resulting demoralization of the cadre. After becoming Group B Gazetted cadre all the allowances like Over Time Allowance, PLB, etc were curtailed as a result the Monthly salary becomes less as compared to Non Gazetted Status. Therefore your kind consideration for extending incentive for Gazetted cadre is requested.
5. Local Account should be empowered to pass TA/DA/LTC and Medical Claim bill  of G’roup B&C ( Gazetted & Non Gazetted) :- At present Local Accounts of all Ordnance Factories  is passing TA/DA/LTC and Medical Claim and  GPF final claim  of Industrial employees only. All above mentioned bill of Group B&C (Gazetted and Non Gazetted) Staff and Officers is forwarded to PCF&A,Kolkata. Due to such type of policy lot of govt. expenditure (Crores of Rupees) incurring in postal correspondence and Deputations. Hence all Local Accounts to be empowered for settle the claims of    above bills up to Group’B’Gazetted level so that lot of unwanted govt. expenditure and time can be save.           
6. PLB& Risk allowance – Group B gazetted cadre are the most experienced cadre in the organization those are directly involved in production planning, work force distribution, achieving production target of a section, quality of products, maintenance of plant and machinary etc but denied for PLB and Risk Allowance. Therefore your kind intervention and consideration is requested for granting the same for a moral boost up of the middle management Group B Gazetted cadre.
7.  DOP&T orders  to be amended  for considering Compassionate  appointment in Missing Case:- As per present govt. orders the Secretary of MoD has been empowered to grant appointment in missing case. Whereas in other case General Manager has granted full authority for  compassionate appointment .Due to such type of policy Dependent of missing employees are suffering  since last 18 years in Ordnance Factory Bhandara without appointment. Your kind intervention is requested.
8. Transparency in Transfer policy of JWMs by OFB- Ordnance Factory Board is deliberately transferring JWMs in pick and choose basis without any proper transfer policy. Most experienced JWMs those were very much useful to the factories being deliberately disturbed by transfer. If such policy is being followed by OFB, then the sincere JWMs will lose their morality and may not be show full efficiency in the new station. Therefore your kind intervention is requested for a fair transfer policy of JWMs in OFB.
9. SRO/RR of JWMs – SRO/RR of JWMs has been forwarded by MOD to DOP&T.  Your kind intervention is requested for early approval the same please.                                                                                                    
        Hon’ble Defence Minister is requested for kind intervention and necessary action at the earliest please.
               Thanking You,
                                                                                   Yours faithfully.

                                                                                 (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                               GENERAL SECRETARY

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No. NDGBGOA(CE)/20/2015-04                             Date:-13-04-2015

     The DGOF & Chairman,
     Ordnance Factory Board,
     10-A,S.K.Bose road,
                                    (Kind attention:-Member/Per,O.F.Board)                     

           Sub:- Grant of Honorarium to JWMs for Examination duties- reg.
        On behalf of Central Executive committee of NDGBGOA, I would like to draw your kind attention towards the following discrepancies noticed in some factories for distribusement of Honorarium to JWM who were deployed in Examination duties for Trade Apprentice Examination  on 12-04-2015.
         Sir,  as per O.F.Board  instruction  all factories have detailed  Chargeman and JWM in invigilator duties for conduction of Trade Apprentice Examination .All the JWMs have sincerely /honestly completed their duties. But it is surprise to note that only few factories are granting honorarium to their invigilator and rest of factories have denied to pay honorarium without any specific orders of O.F.Board,Kolkata.  
        Sir, as per DOPT order No. 1711/9/85-Estt(Allowance) dtd 23-12-1985 all Head of departments has got full power of up to a maximum of Rs 2500 in each case. In case of recurring honorarium this limit applies to total of the recurring payment made to an individual in a year.  

Recently, NADP,Ambajhary have conducted Chargeman(DR) Examination in various places for which Chargeman/JWMs were deployed. Chargeman and JWMs those have performed the duty were paid honorarium. But it is surprise to note that without any specific order from O.F.Board, some of the  head of department are denying to pay the honorarium to Invigilators who have deployed for conduction of examination on 12.04.2015.
       Therefore executive committee of this Association request hon’ble DGOF/Chairman to issue instruction to all General Managers of Ordnance Factories to pay  equal honorarium to all the JWMs for performing Invigilator and other duty  for conducting Examination.
       Thanking you,
                                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                                ( JAIGOPAL  SINGH )
                                                                             GENERAL SECRETARY
1.   The Member/Per
O.F.Board,Kolkata (W.B)
2. The DDG/G&HRD
   O.F.Board,Kolkata (W.B)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Dear office bearers,
Branch Chairman&Secretary and members,

          Our scheduled Dharna program on 06.04.2015 at OFBOARD has been postponed after positive response from OFB in the meeting with MEMBER/Personnel, on 01.04.2014. There was lengthy discussion on our agenda points and our important issues were addressed properly. It is the first time that OFB has made Official minutes of the meeting which will be issued to our Association in the next week. Hereafter there will be two meetings(yearly)with association for resolving the grievances. NDGBGOA has asked OFB to publish the minutes of the meeting in OFB Com net.
     The Official minutes will be published in our blog in next week.
This for information to all the members.

PRESIDENT                                      GENERAL SECRETARY
NDGBGOA                                                    NDGBGOA                    

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


No. NDGBGOA/GNL/16/2015- 03                                      Date:23-03-2015

     The DGOF & Chairman,
     Ordnance Factory Board,

     10-A, S.K.Bose road,                         Kind attn- DIR/IR
     Kolkata- 01.

             Sub:  Peaceful Agitation Program of NDGBGOA-reg

             Ref No.1-MoD I.D.No.19 (1)2015-US(G) dated 24.02.2015
                        2. MoD I.D No.11 (1)/2014/D(JCM) dtd 10-03-2015
                        3. OFB Letter No.14/42/2012/Meeting/A/IR
                            Dated-19th March 2014(Erroneous dated letter)

               Reference Cited (Ref no.3), it is deeply regretted that O.F. Board (Dir/IR) has issued a letter by taking such a long delayed time for a meeting with representatives of NDGBGOA on 01.04.2015 with Member/Per, when the Agitation program of Peaceful Dharna at OFB  is scheduled on 06.04.2015. It is hard to understand that, even though Ministry of Defence (Vide Ref.No. 1 & 2) had issued two letters to sort out the issues/grievances of this Association at OFB level against our Agitation Program, O.F.Board is deliberately asking for fresh agenda points without resolving long pending issues pertaining to Group B Gazetted Officers mentioned in the submitted Memorandum of this Association (Memorandum submitted by CE on 25.01.2015 and by all the Branches on 29.01.2015) and granting a meeting with Member/Per without the presence of Honorable DGOF & chairman. 

        It is brought to your kind notice that, NDGBGO Association has communicated and projected all the important long pending issues pertaining to Group 'B' Gazetted Officers time and again in appropriate forums, but OFB has not taken up our grievances in right spirit to resolve.OFB has already completed the cadre review of IEs and IOFS but the cadre review of Group’B” is not completed. Therefore this Association has reluctantly forced to go for Agitation movement without any hope from OFB. It is relevant to mention here that Office Bearers of NDGBGOA had attended the following meetings with OFB officials and with the MOD Officials regarding long pending genuine demands of Group B Gazetted Officers during the last two years.

1.   08.08.2013 at New Delhi with Joint Secretary (P&C), MOD/DP.
2.   17.08.2013 at OFB, Kolkata with DGOF & Chairman.
3.   30.10.2013 at OFB, Kolkata with Member/Per and JS(P&C),MOD.
4.   22.01.2014 at OFB, Kolkata with Member/Per.
5.   12.03.2014 at Cossipore, with Member/Per and JS(P&C),MOD.
6.   01.09.2014 at OFB, Kolkata with DGOF & Chairman.
7.       12.12.2014 at OFB, Kolkata with Member/Per.
            It is ill-omened to note that in all the above meeting Top Officials gave only assurance without any settlement till date as if there is no importance of Group 'B' Gazetted cadre in the organization. In Ordnance Factories, every Group 'B' Gazetted Officer is shouldering the higher responsibilities with less salary compared to his subordinates and vested with doomed promotional prospects, ignoring all DOPT guidelines which clearly project the uncaring attitude of OFB towards the cadre.

          In the current situation of global competition and fear of corporatization, the negligence towards the most experienced and important cadre (Group 'B' Gazetted cadre) and keeping them out of the decision making forums means to run away from the "Make in India" mission of Honorable Prime Minister.

          Further OFB is also forcing us to go for so many litigations purely because of the negligence of this cadre by OFB & deprival of its legitimate carrier prospects.
      In view of above, it is clearly shows that Ordnance Factory board has diluted the grievances of Group B Gazetted Officers by holding meeting without any corrective measure. Moreover all the above meetings were held without giving any minutes of the meeting by which Association is losing its hope on such kind of meetings/discussions.
             Therefore, the Central Executive of this Association requests you to grant a special separate meeting on 01.04.2015 with agenda as in memorandum submitted along with the intimation of agitation movement of NDGBGOA. It is also requested that a line of confirmation may please be given with regard to recording of the minutes of the meeting and to issue the signed copy of minutes on the same day (01.04.2015) to the undersigned for communicating to members of the Association before agitation.

Thanking  You,
                                                                           Yours faithfully.
                                                                        ( JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                   GENERAL SECRETARY
Copy to :-
         1.   The Honorable Defence Minister, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. 
           2.   The  Secretary,Dept. of Defence Production,Min. of Defence,South                  Block,New Delhi-110011
         3.   The Member  /Per,O.F.Board,  10-A, S.K.Bose Road Kolkatta.
       4.   The Jt. Secretary(P&C),
          Min. of Defence,SouthBlock,New Delhi-110011   
          5.   The DDG/NG&IR/O.F.Board,  10-A, S.K.Bose Road Kolkatta.
          6.   The DDG/G,O.F.Board,  10-A, S.K.Bose Road Kolkatta.
       7.   The Under Secretary,D(Estt/Gaz.),Sena Bhavan,New delhi-110011
       8.  The Under Secretary,D(JCM), Sena Bhavan,New delhi-110011
       9.  The DIR/IR,  O.F.Board,  10-A, S.K.Bose Road Kolkatta.