Tuesday, 5 July 2016


No.- NDGBGOA/Rep/Def.Minister/2016         Date: 05 July 2016

The Honorable Defence Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Sub:  Up-gradation of group ‘B’ cadre in ordnance factories and rationalization of cadres’ structure prior to implementation of 7th CPC as committed.

Ref:   Meeting with you on 30 June 2015 and memorandum submitted to you.                                          

The National Defence Group ‘B’ Gazette Officers Association is keen to invite your kind attention for to intervene while implementation of 7th CPC.
Prior to 4th CPC, Ordnance Factories Organization was possessing 07 (Seven) level of middle management cadre i:e Supervisor to Head of Section. It was reduced to 05 posts in 4th pay commission and 04 posts in 5th Pay Commission. But it reduced to 02 posts of lower pay scales after implementation of 6th CPC. Due to merging of middle management cadre the level of supervision has reduced which results in Hierarchy problem and cadre controlling problem. In any industrial sector for monitoring the progressive industry there are high morale middle management supervisory cadre having sufficient career prospectus.  Due to reduction of post the supervisory cadre is able to get only one promotion before its retirement.  As there is very less scope of Promotional aspects the middle management cadre is demoralizing in the Ordnance Factory Organisation. The practically achievable financial benefits for Group ‘B’ cadre direct entry level post as compared with Group ‘C’ cadre and Group ‘A’ cadre direct entry level posts are very less.
Our Association shows our deep concern over the current affairs in 7th CPC and inadequate recommendation with substandard views for Group ‘B’ supervisory cadre in OFB organization. The Group B cadre Gazetted & non Gazetted is the back bone of the OFB organization as middle management and without their contribution the Production targets, automation, modernization, quality objectives could not be achieved.

The Central Executives of this association meet you in your Office on 30/06/2015 and submitted our memorandum with elaborate discussions. We have submitted 11 points for intervention of Honorable Defence Minister.  In this regard a meeting was held at MoD with Joint Secretary, MoD/LS and OFB Official on 24/09/2015 with our associations CE office bearers and the Official minutes were issued by MoD for timely action on all the issues.  But sir, we convey our serious disappointment as well as unhappiness for not reasonably dealt with our demands mainly up gradation and cadre review.

Sir, it is humbly requested to kindly consider our demands for placing Junior works Manager in Level 8(4800) and upgradation after four year to level 9 at par with other department in the implimentation of 7th CPC.

Thanking You,

                                                                        Yours faithfully,

                                                                           (Jaigopal Singh)
                                                                         General Secretary

Saturday, 4 June 2016

letter to OFB regarding Seniority and Minutes of the Meeting

REF No.NDGBGOA/CE/Seniority/2016-5                                     DATE : 30-05-2015

The DGOF & Chairman,
Ordnance Factory Board,
10-A,S.K.Bose Road,
Kolkata-1.  (W.B).                           (Kind attention: - Member/Per.)

                 Sub: Discrepancy in Seniority list of JWM- reg

         Ref:1. NDGBGOA/CE/GENERAL/63/2014-09   Dated- 17-09-2014
    2. NDGBGOA/CE/GENERAL/64/2014-09  Dated- 27-11-2014
                3. NDGBGOA/CE/GENERAL/64/2015-01 Dated- 13-01-2015
                4. Task Force member (NDGBGOA) representation dated-11-08-2015
                5. NDGBGOA/CE/79/ Seniority/2015-12 Dated-21-12-2015
                6. Periodical meeting with Member/Per Dated- 01-04-2015, 16-11-2015& 16-05-2016
            Reference cited, it is deeply regretted that NDGBGOA has represented for Correction in seniority list of JWMs (published on 18/11/2014) time and again but it is unnoticed by OFB till date which is creating displeasure among the JWM cadre.
         There was a Task force Committee under the chairmanship of S.K.SINGH (DIR/NG) in which suggestion from Task Force members were taken and thereafter no action has been initiated till date. Moreover in the last periodical meeting on 16/05/2016, Member/Per  and DIR/IR and DIR/NG has assured that Decision and correction regarding seniority list of JWMs will be complete within a week.
          Therefore, your kind intervention and earliest necessary action is requested for correcting Seniority list of JWM by 15th June 2016 or otherwise this Association may compelled to go for agitation moment.
 Thanking you,
                                                                                  Yours Faithfully,
                                                                                  (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                         GENERAL SECRETARY                                          
Copy to:-
       1. The General Secretary/CDRA/New Delhi
  2.The DDG/NG&IR, O.F.Board, :- For information and necessary correction in Published Seniority list latest by 15th June 2016 please.


REF No.NDGBGOA/CE/MINUTES/2016-5                                     DATE : 30-05-2015

     The DGOF & Chairman,
     Ordnance Factory Board,
     10-A,S.K.Bose road,
                                   (Kind attention: - Member/Per,O.F.Board)                     

      Sub: Minutes of 1St Periodical meeting 16-17 held at OFB and Chaired by Member/Per on 16-05-2016-Reg.

                               The 1St periodical meeting with Association for the year 2016-17 was held at OFB on 16/05/2016. Honorable Member/Per. has assured to issue the Minutes of the Meeting within a week which is awaited by the Central Executive of this Association.
                                          Hence I request your kind honors to issue Minutes of the meeting to this Association or it may kindly be Uploaded in the OFB Comnet at the earliest ( within this week) please.
Thanking you,

                                                                               Yours faithfully,

                                                                                 ( JAIGOPAL  SINGH )
                                                                                GENERAL SECRETARY
Copy to:-

1.        The DDG/NG&IR
O.F.Board,Kolkata(W.B):- For information and n/a please.
       2.The DIR/IR
O.F.Board,Kolkata(W.B) :- For information and n/a please.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Dear Members,
                  Today General Secretary, Shri. Jaigopal Singh and Organising Secretary Shri S.M.Badwaik met Honorable Defence Minister at his Office regarding the recent Transfer Orders and Deferment Date of promotion of JWMs and submitted a Memorandum .  Honorable Defence Minister has taken seriously on the recent Transfer Order and asked Comments from Ordnance Factory Board in the Following Issues.
1.   Violation of Transfer Policy of Group B Gazetted Officers- Recently OFB is trying to Compel JWMs for Inter factory Transfer which is not in the existing Transfer Policy. Moreover, it was brought to the kind notice of Honorable Defence Minister that OFB has made an order to release 74 JWM Transfer without replying to their representation. 
              Honorable Defence Minister has asked OFB Comments on the Recent Inter Factory Transfer Order and assured for a needful Action.
 In this Regard, Honorable Member of Parliament, Bhandara also has given representation to Honorable Defence Minister for Consideration and Needful action on the recent Transfer Order of JWMs by OFB.
2.    Deferment Of Date of Promotion Of JWMs-  Regarding Deferment Date Of Promotion  Honorable Defence Minister  intervene in the matter and asked OFB Comments  on the Deferment of date of promotion of JWMs  from OFB.

 General Secretary pursues the following Points at MOD and MOF during his visit at New Delhi on 11/05/2016.
1.   Cadre Review of JWMs- The Proposal was again sent to OFB for reduction of Five Percent Strength of JWMs which is yet to be received from OFB. Once the Proposal is received from OFB it will be clear by MoF.
2.   Proposal to 7Th CPC regarding JWMs by MoD To MoF-  Regarding Placement of JWMs in the grade pay of 4800 in 7th CPC, there was query from MoF, whether to make 100 percent JWMs in 4800 GP or Not ? On behalf of MoD it was clarified that the proposal has been sent to MoF with Recommendation of Honorable Defence Minister which may kindly be considered positively.

Regarding all the issues of JWMs, it will be further clarified in the meeting with Member/Per which is Scheduled on 16th May 2016 at OFB.
This for the information to all the members.
   Jaigopal Singh

General Secretary


Ref.No- NDGBGOA/CE/03/2016-01                          Date-11/05/2016
      The Hon’bleDefence Minister,
      Ministry of Defence,
      Govt. of India,
      South Block,  New Delhi.110011. 

    Sub- Important unresolved issues pertaining to JWMs Cadre-Reg
   Ref No- 1) Assn Ltr.No.-NDGBGOA/CE/30/RM/2015- Date: 30-06-2015
                2) Meeting held at MoD with JS(LS) with Assn. on 24/09/2015.
                3)Assn Ltr.No. NDGBGOA/CE/01/2016-01  Date-03/03/2016
Respected Sir,
          The Central Executive of this Association thanking you for your kind intervention by which one meeting was arranged at MoD with Joint Secretary(LS) with  office Bearer of NDGBGOA on 24/09/2015. After the meeting some of the important points were resolved and some points are still pending at MoF and OFB without any fruitful result. Therefore Central Executive of this Association once again requests your kind intervention and necessary direction for the following unresolved issues pertaining to Junior Works Manager of Ordnance Factories at the earliest please.
1.CADRE REVIEW OF JWMs-  Sir, in Ordnance Factories, One Group C is able to get its pay band change (PB-I to PB-II) within a period of 12-13 years (  Semi Skill employees can become Master Crafts Man with four promotion) , Similarly one Group A is able to gets its pay band change (PB-III to PB-IV) within a period of 12-13 years( JTS can become JAG ) where as one Group B entry cannot get PB III for 29 years due to lack of promotional avenue( Only one Promotion).The  Central Executive of this Association request your kind intervention for an early Cadre review of JWM Cadre of Ordnance Factories which is pending for long time with MoF ..
2. Placement of Junior works Manager (Group B Gazetted)of Ordnance Factories as per the recommendation of OFB and MoD- Sir, it is brought to your kind notice that, OFB as well as MoD has recommended Grade pay of 4800 , 5400 PB-II and 5400 (PB III) for JWM cadre to 7th CPC as per the responsibility and accountability and negligible promotional avenue for the cadre. At this juncture this Association with great hopes, request your kind intervention and necessary action at Ministry of Finance (7TH CPC Implementation Cell) for approval the proposal at the earliest please.

3. Deferment in date of promotion of JWM ( JWM Promotion published on             
22/12/2015 by OFB)- Sir, it is deeply regretted that OFB has published promotion to JWM along with deferment in dates of previous promotions (4-5 years beyond from previously published dates) in review DPC. It is noted with deep regret that OFB is not serious regarding Group B cadre ( Chargeman and JWMs) leave along its promotion. Implementation of 7th CPC is due in 01/01/2016 but OFB has not been able to get the Seniority of Chargeman and JWM right, till date. Every time OFB publishes a seniority list of the above cadre, there is goof-up and these results many courts cases for settlement. Your kind intervention and necessary direction to OFB is requested for not defer the date of promotion from CM to JWM and early correction in seniority list of JWM please.
4. Violation of Transfer policy of JWMs by OFB- Ordnance Factory Board is enforcing mass transfer of JWMs which is not as per the policy. It is brought to your kind notice that, OFB is trying to make transfer of JWMs those have completed 30 year of Service in a Unit which is not there in the existing Transfer Policy. Most of the JWMs those have completed 30 Year service in a unit are promoted from Industrial Employees and are left with maximum 05 Year of Service. As per their technical Knowledge they are expert in Particular Plant and Machinery in that unit but are not well Qualified to perform duty in a new plant and Machinery. If they are compelled for transfer to new Factory, they will either they may take voluntary retirement or their performance will not be good in the new factory. If this transfer is ordered by OFB, then there will be Loss of Government money without any benefit to the Organisation.
In the last year (July 2015) OFB has ordered 155 numbers of JWMs Transfer but due to your kind intervention it was stopped by OFB as a result unnecessary govt. Expenditure could be saved. Now OFb is in the line to make mass transfer of JWMs which will not only cause the Govt. Expenditure but also will disintegrate the expertness. Therefore your kind intervention is requested for a fair transfer policy of JWMs in OFB.
5. Local Account should be empowered to pass TA/DA/LTC and Medical Claim bill  of G’roup B&C ( Gazetted & Non Gazetted) :- At present Local Accounts of all Ordnance Factories  is passing TA/DA/LTC and Medical Claim and  GPF final claim  of Industrial employees only. All above mentioned bill of Group B&C (Gazetted and Non Gazetted) Staff and Officers is forwarded to PCF&A, Kolkata. Due to such type of policy lot of govt. expenditure (Crores of Rupees) incurring in postal correspondence and Deputations. Hence all Local Accounts should be empowered for settle the claims of    above bills up to Group’B’Gazetted level so that lot of unwanted govt. expenditure and time can be saved.    
  6. Honorarium/Incentive Scheme, Risk Allowances for Group B Gazetted cadre-
 Sir, Hierarchy in Pay package exists in all the Organisation whether it is Private or Government. Hierarchy in Pay Package is required for thinking of Ownership and to control the subordinates. It is brought to your kind notice that in Ordnance Factories subordinate employees those are in Non Gazetted Cadres gets more monthly salary (in terms of Over time Allowance, Piece work Incentive,NDA, Bonus )than Group B Gazetted Cadre(JWM). In this organization promotion to a Group B Gazetted post results in loss of financial benefit.Therefore, The Central Executive of this Association requests your kind intervention and necessary direction to OFB for introduction of Honorarium/Incentive Scheme, Risk Allowances for Group B Gazetted Officers at the earliest please.

7. One time relaxation on Availed LTC – It is brought to your kind notice that, even after final settlement of LTC Claim, Accounts Department is again reopening the LTC Cases in some Ordnance Factories through Internal Audit. It is requested not to reopen the LTC Claims which is already settled by Principal Controller of Finance and accounts Kolkata.

         With a great hope and expectation, the Central Executive of this Association requests your kind Honor for resolving the above important issues pertaining to Group B Gazetted officers of Ordnance factories before implementation of 7th CPC please.

Thanking you,
                                                                                              Yours Faithfully,

                                                                                              (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                                  GENERAL SECRETARY

1.   The Joint Secretary/LS- For Granting a meeting at MoD with NDGBGOA for resolving the above important pending issues pertaining to JWM cadre.

Friday, 29 April 2016


    REF NO-02/NDGBGOA/IF Transfer/16                                                         DATE- 25/04/2016

The Chairman/DGOF,
Ordnance Factory Board,
10A, S.K. Bose Road,
           Kolkatta-700001.      Kind attention :- (  Shri A.K.Prabhakar/Hon’ble DGOF&Chairman)

              Sub:  Violation in Inter Factory Transfer policy of JWMs 

              Ref:      1.OFB LR No. ITR-60/Per/NG/2016/ Dated; 15.04.2016.     
                            2. No. 100/Misc/Policy/A/NG dated 23-12- 2013 
                              3. Minutes of meeting  with JS/LS(MoD),New delhi dtd 6-10-2015
              With reference to the above, it is understood that OFB had prepared mass numbers of transfer list in the post of JWM's and sent the same to respective factories for further action/release/deletion/addition of the names etc  which is also came in our factory. Sir JWM cadre is most deprived cadre in Ordnance Factory Organization and is fully responsible for Production and planning and Administration. This year OFB could achieved more than the allotted target because of the sincerity of JWMs  under the  guidance of GM/Sr.GM. 
               It is deeply regretted that, JWMs who have spent more than 30 years in the same station does not comes under the purview of Transfer policy vide reference no-2 but the recommendation was made by Standing Committee. It is surprise to note that, within very short period without Consultation with Stake Holder and Head of Units, Standing Committee has taken the decision which is strongly condemned by this Association. This clearly shows the lack of Transparency in the Transfer policy and this is clear cut violation of Transfer policy. Before finalizing transfer policy Hon’ble  DGOF/Chairman is requested to kindly direct to all Sr.GM/GM and concerned officers of NG and G section to implement the following  please.

1.         Sir during meeting of JS/LS it was decided to in future transfer will take place as per Transfer policy. Accordingly, O.F.Board has cancelled transfer order which was published against the existing transfer policy   in the last year.  Again this year Standing Committee  has recommended for transferring JWMs those  have completed 30 years or more service in the same station which  does not comes under the purview of Transfer policy vide Ref.no.-2 .
2.          As per information available in Comnet  107 Nos. in group A and  89 Nos. in Group B Transfer orders are pending  since last 2013. Ordnance Factory Board is unable to release them from Sr.GM/GM of respective factories. It shows that Sr.GM/GM is more powerful than O.F.Board and not carrying out the directive of OFB. A Copy of pending transfer order is enclosed as Annexure-A&B.
3.            Still many Group ‘A’ &B officers who has completed their tenure more than 10 years in one unit they are enjoying in soft station in cities.  Those are not having any sources/approaches  they are  working  full service in Hard station. Detail officers list are available in comnet which clearly shows the violation of transfer policy and increasing of corruption in organization.
4.             Sir, Many Group’B’ officers have applied on compassionate ground and are eligible for transfer but were kept in waiting list. Many JWMs have asked Transfer in compassionate Ground Transfer but OFB is not considering the application and rejecting by granting less marks.
Therefore, Group B Officers those are in waiting list, those have asked for transfer in Compassionate ground and seeking transfer in request basis may be considered for Inter Factory Transfer at the earliest in top most priority.
5.        Sir, mass transfer of JWMs will not only disintegrate the expertness but also will cost huge Government money. It is observed in the factories as well as OFB that, JWMs are posted in the Section irrelevant of their trade which is clear violation of SRO/RR.In the name of Functional Ground, JWMs are being transfer from one factory to other factory but they are not posted in their trades.
 6.        As per the policy, JWM should work in the factory continuously for a period of 10 years unless it is required to transfer on functional ground and based on the projected requirement from Factories/units/OFBHQ, a circular should be issued twice in a year i.e. in January and July calling for applications indicating preference of posting. Therefore the exact requirement of Factories/ Unit should be mentioned by OFB and thereafter Circular should be issued for interested candidates. If there will not be sufficient number of JWMs, then Functional Ground Transfer may be taken into consideration with ensuring posting JWMs in their relevant Trade.  
            In view of above, the CentralExecutive Committee of this Association request you not make any transfers of JWM's without finalization of Seniority List and Cadre Review which is in pipeline (SSM, SM and JWM which may cause again functional requirement) and  Consider all the Transfer application those have requested for Inter Factory Transfer at the earliest please.
              With kind regards,
                                                                                            Yours faithfully,
                                                                                          (JAIGOPAL SINGH  )
                                                                                         GENERAL SECRETARY

1.The  Member/Per
2.The JS/LS(MoD)
    Deptt. Of Defence Production
    South Block, New Delhi
4.The Diurector/NG
5.The Under Secretary(D-Estt.Group’B’ Gazetted)
    Min. of Defence(DDP),Sena bhawan
              New Delhi
          6.The General Secretary
             CDRA,New Delhi