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YEAR 2018.

          S. CHANDRAKANTH RAO.                  JAIGOPAL SINGH
                          PRESIDENT.                            GENERAL SECRETARY

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


         Ref.No- NDGBGOA/CR/2017/12                          Date-12/12/2017
The Secretary,
Ministry of Defence,
Govt. of India,
South Block,
 New Delhi.110011.                 Kind Attn.-  Joint Secretary/LS

                                       Sub- Cadre Review of JWMs-Reg
Respected Sir,

The Central Executive of this Association request your kind intervention and necessary action for an early Cadre review of JWM Cadre of Ordnance Factories in a time bound manner priority. It is brought to your kind notice that Cadre Restructuring of Group B Cadre in Ordnance factories has not being carried out during the last 23 years which is demoralizing the whole cadre due to lack of any career prospects. Effectively, Group B cadres are eligible to get only MACP benefit without any promotional avenue. Even after implementation of 7th CPC and Gazette notification for JWM cadre, OFB has not yet implemented the proposal in Ordnance Factories. Only recommendations of preceding pay commissions are being implemented for the Group B cadre. Ordnance Factory Board is not able to carry out any cadre restructuring proposal till date. Therefore, it is requested to complete the cadre restructuring of Group B Cadre in Ordnance Factories either by OFB or by outside agency at the earliest please.

Sir, It is brought to your kind notice, that 5th and 6th CPC has demoralized the middle management cadre due to merging the cadres  as a result the cadre became is left without any promotional prospect except MACP benefits. The promotional channel for 7256 JWMs (Group B Gazetted) has been compressed to 188 AWM (Group A) with ratio of 39:1 which is negligible. The promotional channel for Group B cadre is as follows:
     Sir, after implementation of 6th CPC OFB constituted a Committee for Cadre Restructuring of Group B (NG, G) cadre headed by Shri P.W.Ralegankar (IOFS). The committee has made a detailed study on Stagnation of the Cadre and submitted a feasible proposal on 07/09/2012. But OFB has not taken any decision on the proposals till date. In the meanwhile 7th CPC recommendations were implemented, however, OFB is yet to implement the 7th CPC proposals relevant to Group B (NG, G) cadre as well.
Sir, It is our sincere opinion that if we, the organization as a whole, want to involve seriously and sincerely to restore our core competency towards indigenous production of Arms and Weapons to meet our defence preparedness then we strongly feel that it is essential to address the deviation occurred from the system prevailed earlier and it is of paramount importance to rectify it at least now through a meaning full cadre review at middle management level. This can be seen in other Government Organisation like DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and all Public Sector Unit. The middle management cadres were given proper promotional avenue in all these organization.

           In view of above, Central Executive of this Association propose followings for cadre review for the middle management cadre in Ordnance factory Organisation at the earliest.
1.         Cadre Restructuring of Group B (G &NG) to be presented in such a way to make minimum 06 Promotional Avenue in the service span (30-35 Year) at par with other cadre (Group C & A) without stagnation.

2.         Cadre Restructuring of Group B (G &NG) may be undertaken by an OUT SIDE AGENCY which can submit it report within a time frame of 06 month to OFB and MoD.

3.         AWM post may be considered as a probationary post and Group B Gazetted can be considered to promote directly to WM (Level-11) by giving importance to the experience in Ordnance factories.   

          The Central Executive of this Association requests your kind intervention, speedy direction and early finalization of Cadre review of Group B cadre in Ordnance factories please.

With profound regards,
                                                                                            Yours faithfully.
                                                                                            (Jaigopal Singh)
                                                                                             General Secretary
Copy to:-
1.   The DGOF & Chairman,OFB,Kolkata
2.   The Under Secretary D(Estt./Gaz.), New Delhi.

           Ref. No-NDGBGOA/CE/RISK/2017/12                     Date- 12/12/2017
     The Joint Secretary/LS,
Ministry of Defence,Govt. of India,
     South Block, New Delhi.110011.                 

           Sub: Risk Allowance to Officers working in Danger Area--reg.
       Ref No- DOP&T O.M No-21012/01/2010-Estt(AL) Dated- 18th Oct,2012
          Reference cited above, the Central Executive Committee request your kind attention and further action to grant RISK Allowance to all the Officers (Group A and Group B) working in Danger area where the Industrial Employees are eligible to get the same Allowance.
        It is brought to your kind notice that, in the manufacturing of Initiator, Propellant, Explosives, Filling of Ammunition, electroplating, X ray unit, etc, Officers are directly involve in the health hazard and  also suffer in Accidents. In these section, IEs are getting the Risk Allowance whereas, Chargeman and JWMs are not granted Risk Allowances even though they are involved in the whole manufacturing process. As per DOP&T, O.M. No- 21012/01/2010-EStt(AL) Dated- 18th October,2012, Danger Building Officer are eligible for risk Allowance of   Rs 400/- per Month(As per 6th CPC) w.e.f 1st September 2008. The amount will be raised by 25% every time with increase in DA of 50% (125% DA as on 01/01/2016).Government has also accepted the risk allowance in 7th CPC with a multiplication factor 2.25 with existing rate.
        Therefore, the central Executive Committee request your earliest intervention and necessary direction to grant Risk Allowance to all the Non Gazetted and Gazetted Officers working in danger area (Section) where ever Industrial Employees are eligible.
With regards,
                                                                                 Yours Faithfully.
                                                                                (Jaigopal Singh)
                                                                                General Secretary
 Copy to-
  1. The Under Secretary (D/CIV),MoD,Sena Bhawan, New Delhi.

           Ref.NO.-NDGBGOA/CE/Incentive/ 2017/12                        Date- 12/12/2017

  The Secretary,
  Ministry of Defence,
  Defence Production,
  South Block,New Delhi.
                                          Kind attn. Joint Secretary/LS, MoD/DP

         Sub: Incentive Scheme for Group B Gazetted Officer of Ordnance
                 Factories  –Reg.
          Sir, Group B Gazetted Officers are the most experienced Cadre in the Organisation, those who used to take the whole responsibility of Safety, Quality, Productivity and administration of each section. After implementation of 6th CPC, all the cadres were benefitted in Ordnance factories Organisation except Group B Gazetted cadre. The monthly salary of a Group B Gazetted Officers became less as compared to their subordinate employees because of removal of Allowances like OTA, NDA, and Bonus. Therefore most of the Group B Gazetted Officers are demoralised in the organisation because of the lower pay than the subordinate employee and negligible promotional aspect.

     OFBoard was constituted a Committee on incentive scheme before two year but the Committee report was not yet finalised and submitted. Once again OFB has constituted a new committee which may kindly be expedited at the earliest and Group B Gazetted Officer may kindly be granted incentive scheme.

         The central Executive of this Association request you to implement incentive scheme for Group B Gazetted officer at the earliest please.
Thanking you,
                                                                             Yours Faithfully.

                                                                             (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                          GENERAL SECRETARY

1.The Under Secretary(ESTT, Gazetted),New Delhi 

Gist of The Meeting with Joint Secretary/LS at MOD on12/12/17.

Gist of The Meeting with Joint Secretary/LS at MOD on12/12/17.

     Dear member, on 12.12.17 meeting was held at South Block, MOD with JOINT SECRETARY/LS with the Office bearers of both the Association. Gists of the meeting are as follows. Important 06 points were taken by JS/LS for resolving within a period of One month. Within time period of 15 days, OFB will give its follow of action. In the third week of January 2018 one meeting will be conducted at OFB with MOD Official, OFB Official and Association.
1. 7th CPC Implementation for JWM CADRE. - In this regard JT. Secy. directed to implement the proposal within January 2018 with corrections in Seniority.
2. Seniority Anomalies – Jt. Secretary directed to OFB to follow DOP& T guideline and 27.11.2012 should be taken as cut of date and accordingly Seniority should be completed within Jan.2018.
3. DPC for promotion to AWM for the year 15- 16 and 16-17 - In this regard JT. Secy. replied that he will talk to UPSC and DOP &T for feasibility and directed to OFB for resubmitting the DPC list. He assured that he will personally expedite the promotion case. 
4. DEFERMENT DATE OF PROMOTION- In this regard,  Jt. Secretary  directed  for examining all the cases and take appropriate action within a month.
5. Safety Officer Allowance- Proposal will be put up to MOD within a month.
6. Discrepancies in distribution in JTS POST- In this proper Trade wise vacancy as per SRO to be put up.
7. Risk Allowance- Risk allowances up to JWM Level is agreed by Jt. Secretary for all the 45 Hazardous operation in Ordnance Factories. He has directed to put up the proposal within a month.
8. Cadre Review of Group B cadre- In this regard there was lengthy discussion. NDGBGOA suggested followings 
a) Cadre restructure of Group B cadre should be made at par with DAE and minimum 6 promotion channel should be given in the entire service. In this regard Association suggests for promotional Channel of JWM to WM and AWM may be kept as probation post.
b) Association suggests for making CADRE REVIEW of Group B Cadre by some outside agency as OFB is not proposing properly for which many queries are coming. Last Cadre Review was also could not completed even though committee reported by 2012.
     In this regard, JT. Secy. directed OFB to constitute a committee within a month and Association view also will be taken into consideration.

9. Cadre Review of PS Cadre- The Cadre Review proposal of increasing Sr PS in Factories has been forwarded to MOF for approval.
10. Revision of SRO for JWM Cadre- It was decided to make new SRO with consultation with Service Association.
11. Finalization in Transfer policy- In this regard NDGBGOA represented that the transfer policy which was published by OFB is not in true spirit. OFB should not include CCS Conduct Rule in the policy.
      In this regard JT. Secy. directed OFB for making necessary correction and taking Association view for the same.
12. Calculation of MCM (4200GP) for making more number of JWM ( SG) Post-  
             In this point there was lengthy discussion. Jt Secretary/LS has taken the proposal positively. But DDG/NG expressed that if it is changed at this stage, then many Queries may come from MoF and it may take more time for implementation. Finally Jt. Secretary directed OFB for forwarding the proposed structure and implement within a month and cadre review proposal should be put up quickly.  
             NDGBGOA suggested to make a legal cell in OFB for implementing any Government Order, Otherwise OFB is always making some mistake when implementing any order. Finally many court cases are being filed and decisions are being pending for years together. 
In this regard IOFGOA was silent during the discussion.
13. Gazette notification for JWM- OFB replied that by March 2018 Gazette Notification for JWM will be over.
14. Review of Hard station- In this regard Association asked to make CFA as Hard station with showing CGDA order, JT Secretary replied that it was not accepted by previous Secretary/DP. Association requested to take up once again with the present Secretary/DP. 
15. Nature of work of JWM and making Operational staff for granting of Overtime Allowance- In this regard JT. Secy. Replied that Gazetted officers are not eligible for OTA. Association told to make JWM as Non Gazetted and give OTA, NDA and BONUS. Association furnished the Honorable CAT, Madras bench Order. Finally JT Secretary directed to OFB for publishing Nature of duty of JWM Cadre and also told to make some incentive scheme for JWM Cadre.

16. Incentive for JWM Cadre- In this regard Association represented that OFB always constituting committee for Incentive Scheme but it is not finalizing for last two year. Jt Secretary directed OFB for finalizing the committee report within six month and JWM should be included for getting Incentive Scheme
17. Revision of SRO 149 For QTR Allotment to JWM- Previously JWMs were eligible for TYPE- IV Qtrs. which is not in the present SRO.OFB was directed to make a proposal for Change in allotment rule for Ordnance Factories as per rule. 
18. Ordnance Quota in Railway- In this regard OFB was directed to put up the proposal to Railway and MOD.
            Next month there will be meeting at OFB and status of all the points will be reviewed and in the month of February review meeting will be held at MOD.

For information to all members.
         S. C. RAO                                                    JAIGOPAL SINGH
       PRESIDENT                                             GENERAL SECRETARY

        NDGBGOA.                                                      NDGBGOA

Sunday, 26 November 2017


Ref. No-NDGBGOA/CE/Agenda/MOD/ 2017/11           Date- 20/11/2017
    The Joint Secretary(LS),
    Ministry of Defence,
    Defence Production,
    South Block, New Delhi.
   Sub- Agenda points for the meeting on 12/12/2017-reg
 Ref No- Minutes of the last meeting on 20th Jan.2017 with Joint Secretary (LS)
             MoD.I.D.No.19(8)/2015-US(G) Dated- 03/02/2017
                       Reference cited above, meeting was held at South Block ,New Delhi with both association on 20/01/2017 for resolving the long pending issues of Group B Gazetted Cadre of Ordnance Factories. In that meeting following important burning issues were discussed and for each point two to three month time was given to OFB for compliance report. But it is deeply regretted that, even after completion of 10 month, not a single point has been completed by OFB.
                     Therefore, The Central Executive Committee of this Association furnishing the same points along with some new points for discussion and decision in the meeting please. Agenda points with decision along with new points are furnished below for further action and decision in the meeting on 12/12/2017.                
Agenda Point wise  Discussion held and Decision/Direction of the Chair

Agenda Points
 Decision/Direction given by Chair and current position.
7th CPC matter for JWM Cadre.
Gazette notification published on 15th June 2017. But till date implementation in OFB is awaited. Moreover all the 4200 GP Post has not been considered by OFB for calculation of 4800 GP New Post.
Cadre Review of JWM

In this regard, it was decided to put up new proposal within two month. But till date OFB has not initiated any proposal.
          In this regard Our Association suggests for making a cadre restructuring for granting minimum 05 Promotion to Group B cadre in a time bound manner.

Need of Increase in Sanctioned Strength of AWM in proportion to Sanctioned Strength of JWM.
In this regard proper action has not been taken by OFB till date
Career Progression of PS/Sr.PS Cadre.
There is no progress in this point.
Revision of SRO-JWM-T&NT
No action has been initiated in this regard.
Redressal of Anomalies in Seniority Lists of JWM-
It was decided in the meeting to update the seniority list within one month. But till date seniority has not been revised and updated.

DPC for Promotion from JWM to AWM against 2015-16 & 2016-17.
In this regard, it was decided in the meeting to complete all the DPC procedure within one month but it has taken considerable point and now it was forwarded to DOP&T for clarification.
Association suggests making of  Ad hoc promotion at par with railways.
Finalisation of Transfer Policy for JWMs
It was decided in the meeting to finalise the new transfer policy with consultation of Association views within March. But OFB has published the New Transfer policy with addition of CCS Conduct Rule and not included the Association views. Moreover, in the New Transfer Policy is totally different from the transfer policy of Group A Cadre and Non Gazetted cadre of Ordnance Factories.

Anomaly in promotion from CM(NT/OTS) & OS to JWM(NT/OTS)
In this regard, action has been initiated but the sanction strength of 01/01/2016 has not been taken.
Implementation of 7th CPC for JWM -  the strength of MCM was not included in the proposal of 7th CPC for earmarking the number of post in GP4800 – Level 8
In this Regard Decission may kindly be taken in MOD level for Considering all the 4200 GP post for calculating 4800 GP Post for Functional requirement of Ordnance Factories. If 4200 GP post (MCM) is not included then there will be only 1600 Post in Technical cadre for whole Ordnance Factories which will not solve the functional requirement. MCM post is in the GP-4200 whose promotion is to Chargeman after that JWM. Therefore MCM should be included for creating New post in 4800 GP for proper promotional Hierarchy and functional requirement of Ordnance Factories.
Publication of Names of JWMs in Gazette of India as Gazetted Officers.
It was decided in the meeting that OFB Should  initiate the process within one month but till date it has not been taken up by OFB.
Review of List of Hard Station
In this regard it was decided to review the list of Hard Station but it has not reviewed.
Provision of Ordnance Quota in Railway Reservations
In this regard action has not yet initiated by OFB
Risk Allowance to Group. A & B officers
It is pending at MoD. Association suggests that wherever Industrial Employees are eligible, all the Officers Group A and B) should be granted.
Incentive Scheme as per recommendation of Shri. AK Singh Committee
In this regard no action has been initiated.
Restoration of date of Promotional of JWMs
OFB is waiting for Judgment from Principal Bench.


Option for JWMs those are already drawing MACP in 4800 GP
Association request that JWMs those are placed in 4800 GP for 10 years may be given option for choosing MACP benefit instead of promotion of new post(JWM/SG) to again in 4800 GP.
Considering JWM as Operational Staff in Ordnance Factories and granting of Over Time Allowance.
JWMs are directly involved in production activities for which JWMs should be considered as Operational Staff and over time allowance may be paid.
Grant of Notional Seniority to promote AWMs from the vacancy year.
Every year there is delay in promotion as a result promotee are losing their seniority. Therefore seniority of promotee should be granted notional from  the vacancy year itself.
Allowance to Safety Officers in Factories
Safety Officer may be granted allowance at par with railways.
Revision of SRO- 149 for allotment of quarter
JWMs/PS with 4600 GP may be allotted Type –IV Quarters as it was in 5th CPC.

Sir, Central executive of this Association requests your kind intervention and earliest action on the above points.
Thanking you,
                                                                                 Yours faithfully,

                                                                               (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                             GENERAL SECRETARY

1-   DDG/NG & IR,OFB Kolkata
2-   The Under Secretary(D/Estt. Gaz.), Sena Bhavan, New Delhi