Wednesday, 2 December 2015



     GENERAL SECRETARY VISITED O F BOARD ON 1st and 2nd December 2015 for Submitting Joint Decision resolution to OFB regarding 7th  CPC. After submitting the representation, there was a discussion with DDG/NG for recommending the same to MoD.

1.     7th CPC Recommendation-DDG/NG Assured for recommending of upgraded Pay at 4800 Grade Pay to JWM in the level 8 in Pay matrix  and 4600 Grade Pay for CM in the level 07 in the Pay Matrix. He also assured for recommending 35% JWM (Section Manager) as NFU in Level 9 and 15% JWM (Senior Section Manager) as NFU. Simultaneously OFB will submit reply on Cadre Review Proposal to MoF for approval.

            General Secretary of NDGBGOA and NDNGSA met DGOF & Chairman and requested to recommend the Upgraded proposal to MoD. DGOF &Chairman accepted the proposal and assured that he will recommend the same to MoD and try his best to make the proposal fruitful. He has suggested General Secretary to put all the effort at MoD as well as MoF for approval of the recommended proposal of OFB.

2.     Incremental Benefit-  In this regard General Secretary requested DDG/NG to issue a letter to Local Accounts for fixation of Incremental Matter. He assured to discuss with PC of A and make necessary directives to LAO.

3.     Withdrawal of Promotion of JWMs(Elec. & Chem.)-   During the last Periodical meeting at OFB (16/11/2015) with Member/Per, DDG/NG has expressed to revoke JWM(Chem. & Elec.) to Chargeman as there was diversion of vacancy from Mechanical trade to Electrical And chemical trade in the year 2010. In this regard General Secretary Discussed the matter with DDG/NG and requested not to revoke any JWM as there will be many Court cases against OFB. Moreover many retired JWMs name has not been removed from the list. GS requested that vacancy may be adjusted in due time.DDG/NG told that he will see the feasibility and do the needful. In this regard one letter was submitted from Association side to OFB.

4.     Representation at MoD regarding 7th CPC recommendation- NDGBGOA will submit representation at MoD for Up gradation of JWM Cadre at 4800 Grade pay(Level-08) for which General Secretary is visiting Tomorrow at New Delhi. In this regard a justified letter will be submitted tomorrow.

Note- All the Branches are requested not to send any Communication to OFB or MoD directly. In this regard DDG/NG expressed his concern and told that all the communication should be from CENTRAL EXECUTIVE only.

For Information to all the members.



Ref.No-NDGBGOA/GENL/01/2015-12                                                      Date-01/12/2015

    The DGOF & Chairman,
    10-A,S.K.Bose Road,
   OFB,Kolkata – 700001                Kind Attn. - Shri S.K. Sinha, DDG/NG

                Sub- Withdrawal of promotion from JWM (Elec.&Chem)-reg              

Respected Sir,

                   It was brought to the notice of association during the Periodical meeting with Association on 16/11/2015 that, during review DPC some of JWMs of Electrical trade and Chemical trade will be revoked to Chargeman as there was a diversion of post from Mechanical Trade to Electrical and Chemical in the year 2010 and till date it could not be adjusted.
               It is brought to your kind notice that, JWMs from Electrical and Chemical those were promoted during 2010/2011 were joined in the year 2002 and after getting promoted to JWM they have completed more than 04 years of long service as a Gazetted Officer without any allowances. Moreover after becoming JWMs they have taken higher responsibility not in their respective trades. They are being posted in other trades.  Revoking the JWMs of Electrical and Chemical trade those have completed more than 04 years service will create many legal cases against OFB.
Therefore, the Central Executive of this Association requests you not to revoke any JWMs (Chemical and Electrical) and adjust the vacancy in the coming year to avoid any legal recourse.
                                  Thanking You,
                                                                                                             Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                         (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                                            GENERAL SECRETARY