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Ref.No-NDGBGOA/GENL/01/2015-12                                                         Date-28/12/2015
    The DGOF & Chairman,
    10-A,S.K.Bose Road,
     OFB,Kolkata – 700001                      Kind Attn. - Shri S.K. Sinha, DDG/NG

                                  Sub- Deferment in date of promotion of JWM -reg             
                                Ref No- JWM Promotion published, dated-22/12/2015
Respected Sir,

            Reference cited, it is deeply regretted that OFB has published promotion to JWM along with deferment in dates of previous promotions (4-5 years beyond from previously published dates)!!Glaring omissions by honorable OFB are highlighted below for immediate resolution please.
1.      Review DPC should not have been delayed by OFB for five years. Had review DPC been completed within one year, this current omission could be having been avoided.
2.      Erstwhile AF that was merged/promoted to JWM, performed the duties of the higher posts from the date of publication.
3.      Mass Promotions from CM to JWM in all trade were ordered by OFB in 2010 which is nothing short of administrative goof-up that was never set right.
4.      The huge financial loss of OTA, Bonus etc in Non- Gazetted cadre has been lost to those JWM who were promoted in 2010 and now deferred. If this is not absolute callousness and total disregard for the cadre of JWM, then what is?
5.      Many AF became JWM because OFB made the “smart” decision of merging the posts and not by promotions. Now OFB has become over-smart by deferring their so-called promotion dates. Is this not disrespecting the post and cadre at the same time?
6.      If there had not been any irregularity in promotion to the post of JWM from CM by OFB, then a chargeman could have well competed for the post via LDCE without waiting for OFB’s magic date of 22/12/2015.
7.      The Draft Seniority List   of Chargeman  has been published  on  10-08-2015 and  without publishing  Final Seniority list. O F Board   has published directly Promotion Order with deferment in date from 2010 onwards.
 8.      Due to review DPC the promotional notional date for many JWM is postponed to later date (04-05 years later), If so, what was the strength of chargeman considered in DPC for that previous years for giving promotions to chargeman from feeder post or through LDCE? Why not review DPC for all feeder posts?           
9.      In the latest promotion list many juniors have become seniors and vice versa which has resulted in disillusionment, isolation and victimization.
              It is noted with deep regret that OFB is not serious regarding Group B cadre ( Chargeman and JWMs) leave along its promotion. Implementation of 7th CPC is due in 01/01/2016 but OFB has not been able to get the Seniority of Chargeman and JWM right, till date. Every time OFB publishes a seniority list of the above cadre, there is goof-up and these results in associations forced to approach the honorable courts for settlement. Why is OFB so fond of harassing our cadre? Sometimes it is felt that there is a separate department that spends its entire working time on devising mew ways and means to stamp out the Group B cadre. 
      The Central Executive Committee of this Association requests you not to defer the promotion date of any JWM and also grant promotion of Chargeman to JWM on the same date (31/05/2010) as per review DPC and then correct the seniority list of JWM accordingly. Last but not the least; this Association cannot help ponder whether OFB would ever dare make such hateful omissions to the Group A cadre.
                       Thanking You,
                                                                                                                          Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                        (JAIGOPAL SINGH)
                                                                                                             GENERAL SECRETARY
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1. The Scretary/MOD/DDP -The letter details the serious omissions of OFB on the matter of promotions of CM/JWM and generally of its abominable attitude toward the cadre. Please advise OFB to be just and correct at the same time so that such mistakes do not happen in future. The JWM cadre is already a harried lot and the latest bombshell from OFB has only rubbed salt on the wound.
2. Member/Per

   O.F.Board,Kolkata (W.B)