Consequent upon continuous merger since 4th CPC, the Group B Supervisory cadre (if our top bosses are disbelieved and according to the opinion of our employer i.e Central Govt of India JWM is also a supervisory post (Tech & Non-Tech), a letter of 2002 refers) has gradually condensed and resulted in two meager posts only. There were existing 7 different posts in hierarchy from Supervisor-B to Principal Foreman in the Supervisory Cadre upto 3rd CPC. Now, it has been reduced to only Chargeman & JWM only in 6th CPC.

Presently, JWM is the most neglected cadre in OFB organization in consideration of poor pay package, no career prospect, status & amenities as compared to workload/responsibilities shouldered by them. Our platinum jubilant AIANGOA Leaders are sole responsible for such plight of current JWM Cadre.

If we recollect the past status of JWM, they were known as Foreman (Tech or Non-Tech) upto the era of 3rd CPC. They had got absolute authority of the section headed by them and the then newly recruited AWM (IOFS) were getting trained under Foreman (HOS) at that time. Their pay scale was above the AWM (the person to whom they are imparting training) and was enjoying OT advantage also thereby drawing more salary than AWM.

However, selfish & improvident leaders of AIANGO had unduly favored to expand IOFS Cadre by surrendering 550 posts of Foreman thereby creating JWM post with gazetted status in lieu of Foreman. From then onwards the ruining of supervisory cadre in OF organization starts. As a result, Overtime, Bonus and other facilities earlier availed by Foreman was stopped. Despite having gazetted status from more than 15 years since implementation of 5th CPC, service records pertaining to JWM are still being maintained in ANG section (meant for NG Cadre). It clearly reveals that JWMs are called as Officers merely for functional purpose, but they are still treated as supervisor by OFB in all service matters, viz. career planning, status, pay package, etc. If an RTI reply to be believed it was replied that there is no career planning for JWM’s and it is also not needed.

NDNGSA had always been protesting against merger & advocating for 4 grade structure in Group B cadre for better prospect of the cadre as well as for betterment of Organization also. Even after merger of CM-II with CM-I, arrogant & selfish leaders of AIANGO had attempted by hook & crook and managed to merge AF with JWM thereby shrinking us to two post i.e. Chargeman & JWM only in Group B cadre. Consequently following bottlenecks have arisen in the post merger scenario.

Consequences of merger

1)    Strength of JWM has violently increased from 2746 (pre – merger) to 7756 (post – merger) thereby deteriorating the status of the post. As a result, at least 05-06 JWM’s are posted in each section of the factories depending upon their numerical strength.

2)      One JWM of the section is deployed as HOS and remaining JWM’s are asked to report to the HOS who is also a JWM itself. Is it not unconstitutional that a JWM reports to another JWM who has got no authority to write his ACR/APAR as reporting officer and even can’t sanction leave.

3)  However, advantage has gone to Management that JWM, being functionally Gazatted officer are forced to work beyond scheduled working time and even deployed on Sunday, Holidays without OT or compensatory OFF.

4)         AF/SH/FM after getting merged as JWMs have been deprived of OTA,
NDA, PLB, Festival Advance, Short leave, compensatory off’s
and sanction of leave in DO level.

5)    In some Chemical/Filling Factories, JWMs are even deployed in shift duties in the production sections just like Chargeman and even in Night Shift without the payment of Night Duty allowance, etc.

6)       For sitting purpose at work place/office, no suitable office room (as being provided to all other officers (managers) in the organization), proper furniture (table, Chair, etc), accessories and relevant equipments have been provided by Management  to all these JWMs.

7)    Splitting-up among JWM’s has been created by categorization of Sr. JWM before merging, directly recruited JWM’s, Merged JWM’s, LDCE JWM’s, etc. It remembers us of divide and rule (DnR) policy followed during the British rule.

8)  Promotion channel has been hurdled as available post for next promotion i.e AWM are approx 190 only i.e. 50% of sanctioned strength which is very meager as compared to giant strength of JWMs i.e. 7911. Even promotion also depends upon the mercy of DPC authorities which is seldom given to JWM’s since 2002, date of effect of current SRO of AWM.

9)    Further, Apex Authority of OFB has straightly denied increasing the strength of AWM’s thereby annihilating promotional prospects of JWM’s. As a result, the future prospects of entire JWM Cadre has come in dark.

10)  Moreover, OFB has recently issued an order to exclude JWM’s as a member in the existing NDNGSA or AIANGOA. Consequently, the strength of the Group B cadre has diminished as only Chargeman post has been left in the Association. It is AIANGOA, who has given an opportunity to OFB for deteriorating the cadre strength by consequent merger of the posts.

          In the aforesaid dark scenario, NDNGSA has decided unanimously in its Central Executive’s Meeting held at OF, Medak (AP) on 9th Feb’2012 that a second association for JWM’s may be formed and it will be named as National Defence Group B Gazetted Officer’s Association (NDGBGOA). The necessity of forming another parallel association for JWM’s in OFB Organization has arisen due to following reasons:

1.    The existing Association for JWM’s (IOFGOA) has failed to give equitable justice for the whole JWM Cadre. They are confined to only interest of JWM’s existing before merger i.e. before 1/1/2006 only.

2.  In pre-merger scenario, old JWM Association (IOFGOA) had approached to MOD for a meager Grade Pay of 4800/- with a poor vision only to keep old JWM’s  distinct from AF/FM/SH whereas NDNGSA had been demanding for Grade Pay of 6600 for JWM in view of their Entry Qualification (BE or equivalent) as well as their vital responsibilities in OFB organization.

3.            In post merger scenario, old JWM Association (IOFGOA) has filed a court case to keep UPSC JWM’s as senior above merged JWM in seniority list irrespective of their date of appointment in OFB organization on or after 1/1/2006 whereas policy says that seniority of an employee having same grade will be determined based on the date of their entry to the post either by promotion or by direct recruitment.

4.          From the above, it is clearly revealed that existing old Association for JWM’s (IOFGOA) is always trying to make a distinction between the pre-merged JWM’s and merged JWM’s thereby acting as a catalyst in DnR policy. They are hardly willing to accept the merged JWM’s as their members only to avoid termination of recognition by MOD due to shortfall for minimum membership of 15% of the strength (because percentage of JWM’s in IOFGOA is less than 15% if calculated in comparison with that of AIANGOA & NDNGSA).

5.         Old JWM Association (IOFGOA) has failed  to do justice with JWM Cadre. Retrospectively, 5th CPC had offered IOFGOA to accept either Pay Scale: 7450-225-11500 with two increments or Pay scale 7500-250-12000. At that time IOFGOA, with a poor vision, had preferred scale of 7450-225-11500 with two increments (which has been graded as GP-4600 in 6th CPC). If, IOFGOA had farsightedly accepted Pay scale of 7500-225-11500, JWM’s in 6th CPC would have been invariably placed in Grade Pay: 4800/- and subsequently 5400/- after 4 years of service as per the recommendations of VI CPC.

Our Vision & Mission
1.    We have resolved to give equitable justice to JWM’s. Hence, NDGBGOA has been formed as a parallel second association for JWM’s in OFB organization.

2.    We have filed a Court Case bearing No-OA/1004/2010, Dtd: 09/12/2010 in connection with fixation of Pay for JWM as 7450 x 1.86 = 13800 (minimum) as per CCS (RP) Rules 2008 (6th CPC) which is sub-judice in the Hon’ble CAT, Jabalpur Bench.

3.    NDGBGOA will uphold & strive for upgrading Grade Pay of JWM’s above Rs. 4600/- by revision of SRO & recruitment Rules.

4.    NDGBGOA will fight for MACP of Rs. 5400/- (PB-3) directly after 4600/-(PB-2) as per hierarchy of the Cadre in stead of present 4800/- (PB-2) in which no post is exists in OFB organization.

5.    For better promotion avenue, NDGBGOA will fight either to increase post of AWM’s or to open a separate channel of equivalent grade at par with DRDO for promotion of non-IOFS Cadre.

6.    NDGBGOA will fight to reinstate Performance Link Bonus (PLB) for JWM and introduction of incentive scheme applicable to JWM as well.

7.    NDGBGOA will strive to introduce an LDCE for AWM in which JWM’s having requisite qualification and experience can appear for the exam to get first track promotion from JWM to AWM through LDCE.

8.    As on date, there is no demarcation of duties for JWM’s. Management is deploying JWM’s on any duties as per their own wish and requirement. NDGBGOA will fight for this demand so that OFB will formulate a systematic duty allocation/demarcation of duties for JWM as per their cadre status.

9.    It is absurd & ridiculous in OFB organization that Workmen are covered with Risk allowance whereas JWM’s & Chargeman’s working in same hazardous/danger areas/buildings of the Factory are not entitled for the same. NDGBGOA will fight for extending the said Risk allowances upto JWM and introduction of Life Insurance Scheme for those JWM’s working in such hazardous areas.

10.         NDGBGOA will strive to bring a parity among all trades of JWM’s for promotion as per the seniority list based on date of entry to the Cadre either by promotion or by Direct recruitment without any discrimination.

11.         Above all, NDGBGOA will fight for justice to JWM Cadre by giving their cadre status, rights & privileges in Unit as well as at OFB level.

               Hence, it is earnestly appealed to the whole JWM Cadre to join National Defence Group B Gazetted Officers Association (NDGBGOA) and strengthen our hands to fight for equitable justice to neglected JWM Cadre in OFB Organization.

Jai Hind!

                                                                                  GENERAL SECRETARY