Friday, 15 September 2017


Ref. No-NDGBGOA/CE/Rev.Strength/ 2017/09                      Date- 14/09/2017
     The Chairman & DGOF,
     Ordnance Factory Board,                            
     10-A, S.K.Bose Road,
                                Kind Attn.- Shri.D.K. SHRIVASTAVA, Member/Per.                     
            Sub: Revision of Hierarchy for JWM Cadre – Reg

        Ref.No-1. MOD Ltr No- 44(I)/2002/III/D(FY.II) Dated-01/10/2002
                   2. Gazette Notification No-490, Dated- 15th June 2017
                   3. Assn Ltr.No.NDGBGOA/CE/Rev.Strength/ 2017/07  Dt- 17/07/17
                   4. OFB Ltr No- DJWM(SG)/DPC/17/PER/NG Dated- 08/09/2017
Respected Sir,

            The Central Executive Committee of this Association strongly oppose against the recent OFB Letter vide reference No- 4 regarding the number of Post earmarked for Junior Works Manager(Selection Grade). This Association has Communicated Vide reference No- 3 regarding Number of post to be considered for JWM(SG) cadre but without consultation with any Association and without any reply to the Association, OFB has forwarded letter to all the factories for DPC. In this regard, Following points are brought to your kind notice for reconsidering the strength of JWM(SG)as per Gazette notification.

1.   No Cadre review for middle management cadre for two decades- It is deeply regretted that 6th CPC has demoralized the middle management cadre in Ordnance Factories and OFB is unable to make cadre restructuring for more than two decades.
2.   Inter Grade ratio of middle management cadre- It is brought to your kind notice that before 6th CPC(Four grade Structure of CM-II,CM-I,AF &JWM) inter grade ratio JWM(Tech) Strength was 2615 and was assigned as Head Of Section in the production section. Even though there was 2615 JWM(Tech) some section were headed by Assistant Foreman. It clearly shows that for functional requirement more than 3000 JWMs is required for heading the production Section in ordnance Factories.
3.   Recommendation of 7th CPC- Seventh CPC Recommendation clearly mentioned that “the avenues for progression for the JWM cadre are indeed extremely limited. Without considering the functional requirement and promotional avenue for JWM, OFB has reduce the strength of JWM(SG).

4.   Violation of Gazette Notification- Gazette Notification vide reference No- 2 clearly states that Of the total pool of post in GP4200 and GP4600, 10% should be earmarked to be placed in GP-4800(level-08)”.  It clearly indicates about the number of post in 4200GP and 4600 GP not only the feeder cadre.

          Hence to meet the functional requirement of ordnance factories and to ensure effective monitoring of shop floor activities as mentioned by 7th CPC and OFB, JWM/Technical(Selection Grade) cadre should be increased by considering all the cadre of Grade pay of 4200.
         Central Executive Committee requests your earliest intervention and necessary action for making the above proposal as per Gazette notification or otherwise this Association may compelled to approach court of law for Justice to maintain proper Hierarchy of JWM(Tech) and Functional requirement as per Gazette notification.
With regards,
                                                                                   Yours Faithfully.

                                                                                   (Jaigopal Singh)
                                                                                General Secretary
Copy to-
  1. Member,Personnel,OFB, Kolkata.
  2. DDG/NG,OFB,Kolkata.
  3. Joint Secretary, LS, South Block,New Delhi.
  4. Under Secretary, Estt(Gazetted), Sena Bhavan,New Delhi