Thursday, 2 July 2015

Meeting with 7th CPC on 01.07.2015

Dear members,
                  Office bearers of NDGBGOA could got an appointment to meet Joint Secretary,7 CPC, Shri Jayanta Sinha and Vivek Roy who are dealing Defence. Association highlighted following important issues of Group B Gazetted cadre in front of 7th CPC.
1. Assn. Presentation on JWM Cadre-The total no of post of JWMs are 7694 with negligible promotional aspects to JTS(188).The whole cadre irrespective of Seniors and Juniors are demoralised without any promotional aspects and financial benefit. The cadre is continuously being degraded in pay scale by consecutive 5th and 6th  Central Pay Comission. The highest experienced cadre in the organisation and at the  managerial level who answer to workman and General Manager in a industrial organisation should be honoured with a respectable pay package with good promotional aspects.Assn. requsted for considering minimum Grade pay of 5400 equivalent pay scale  for JWMs .
CPC view- In this regard Jt. Secy. Expressed his concern about the more no of JWMs without any promotional prospects in Ordnance Factory Organisation. He expressed about the proposal of OFB regarding theJWM Cadre. He has assured to make a good proposal and a better pay packge for JWMs.
2. Assn. Presentation on PS Cadre- There is difference in pay packages and promotional  aspects of PS Cadre in Factoties and HQ and Secretariat. The PS, those are in Ordnance Factoties used to work for 6 days in a week attched to SAG Grade. The duty time is more than 08 hrs along with Factories Over time. Even though 6th CPC recommended for pairity in pay scale of PS Cadre but it has not implimented.. Association requested CPC for recommendation of pairity in PS Cadre.
CPC view- CPC assured for recommending  pairity  in PS Cadre  in Factories and HQ Organisation.
3. Incentive scheme in industrial organisation-  Assn. Suggested for making incentive scheme in govt. Industrial Organisation for Group B gazetted cadre.
4. Risk Allowance for Group B Gazetted cadre-   Ordnance Factories produce explosives and ammunition and many hazardous operation being carried out in Manufacturing process which involves risk for all the cadre involves in production. Therefore risk allowance should be extended for group B gazetted cadre. Jt. Secy. accepted the point and assured for granting the same.
5. PLB for Group B Gazetted officer-  Assn. requested CPC ,for consideration of granting PLB to Group B Gazetted Officers.
Other General points like International LTC, Educational Allowance upto graduate level was also suggested.
On behalf of NDGBGOA, Final memorandum in brief was submitted for  consideration of 7th Central Pay Commission.