Sunday, 15 February 2015


No. NDGBGOA(CE)/10/2015-02                                   Date:- 12-02-2015

The DGOF & Chairman
Ordnance Factory Board,
10-A, S.K. Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700 001
Sub: Nomination for M.TechProgrammes for July 2015 at defence Institute of Advanced Technology(DIAT), Pune.
Ref:  COMNET Circular No. 05/7/2014- Per/HRD Dt 02.02.2015.

With reference to above, it is submitted that the circular No. 12/05/2013-A/HRD(VOL-I) Dt 06.03.2014 enclosed in the circular at reference stipulates that the candidate should be an IOFS officer for Nomination for M.TechProgrammes for July 2015 at defence Institute of Advanced Technology(DIAT), Pune.

 It is pertinent to mention that the offered courses are technical in nature & as per the eligibility criteria of DIAT the sponsored  candidate must posses a Bachelor’s Degree in concerned  field of Engg.   with 55% marks. It should be appreciated that most of technical work in Ordnance factories is being dealt by either JWMs or by Charge man. It is also pertinent to mention that the essential qualification of Direct Recruited JWMs is technical Degree in concerned field of Engg. Under such circumstances it is requested to consider candidature of eligible JWMs also for the above referred course. Ordnance factory organization will be highly benefited if JWMs are sponsored for such courses. It is not understood why this benefit has only been limeted to IOFS officers. Under the present circumstances of competitive market such courses are essential for JWM cadre as well. There are several young, talented & eligible JWMs (both promoted & direct recruited), it is  up  to  OFB  how  it utilizes this waste pool of talent. 
There  is  a perception in this organisation that there is only one privileged Group i.e. Group A, which enjoys these benefits, however organization has not been benefited by such courses till date. 
It is therefore requested to consider the eligible JWMs for higher technical courses & arrange for necessary amendment in the circular at reference for the same so that the Organization gets  benefited.

With Regards,
                                                                                     Yours Sincerely.
                                                                                   (JAIGOPAL SINGH )

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1.   The Member/Per
O.F.Board,Kolkata (W.B)
      2.  The DDG/HRD
O.F.Board Kolkata (W.B)   
2.   ShriB.B.Dash
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