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Minutes and Resolution & Photos of CEC Meeting held at OFBOL ON 9th &10th Jan.2015

Ref No: NDGBGOA/CE/OFBA/CEC-Minutes/08-15. Date: 09.01.2015

Dear Brothers,
                         Sub- Minutes of CEC meeting of NDGBGOA held on 09th&10th
                                   January 2015 at Sr. Staff Club O.F. Badmal.

The CEC meeting of the NDGBG Association started on 09th January 2015 at 11.00 hrs at Sr. Staff Club, O.F.  Bolangir. Sri A.K. Malla, Office Bearer NDGBGOA/Badmal branch delivered the welcome address. The meeting was inaugurated by lightening of the lamp  by Chief Guest Sri Akhilesh Kumar,IOFS, Addl. GM, Sri P.M. Mallick, PMO, Sri Kajal Biswas, JCM II/BPMS, Sri S.Chandrakanth Rao, President/NDGBGOA and Sri Jai Gopal Singh, General Secretary of NDGBGOA. The Office bearers and Executive Members of O.F. Bolangir presented Bouquet to all the Guests and Chief Guest.
 Shri S.Chandrakanth Rao President/NDGBGOA delivered his inaugural speech. While addressing to the house, he explained that NDGBGOA had met the 7th CPC on their visit on 19th November 2014 at Hyderabad and discussed the cadre related points. The Assn had clearly explained to the 7th CPC about the systematic degradation of the middle management cadre from 4th CPC onwards and up to 6th CPC. The representatives of NDGBGOA had requested to Secretary/7th CPC to correct the anomalies taken place to the JWM cadre in the past CPC’s. The Secretary/ 7th CPC assured to the assn that proper justification to be done to JWM cadre while submitting the pay commission report to Govt. 
While addressing to the house, the President categorically explained to the house that the possibility of stern competition from private sectors due to increase of 49% FDI in the Defence sector. He also explained that more emphasize to be given for quality of the products and timely supply to customer and increasing of R&D activities in the Organization. He requested OFB and GM’s to increase R&D activities which was taken up long back with the OFB by our Association.
Sri Jaigopal Singh, General Secretary/NDGBGOA stated that it is really appreciable that in this hard station the arrangement made by O.F. Bolangir towards the CEC Meeting is really fantastic and memorable.  While explaining to the house he stated that due to continual efforts of our Assn,  SRO of JWMs could be amended to Non Ministerial cadre from Ministerial Cadre which will be definitely helpful in the 7Th CPC.  Since last 18 years in SRO of JWM was kept as ministerial cadre which is nothing but a clerical cadre.  Due to our continual effort we could achieved Brief Case, Computer etc. for JWM cadre.  Now Risk allowance also will be extended to Chargeman and JWMs involved in Explosive and chemicals. We have also taken up the point of Incentive scheme for all the Gazetted Officers in Ordnance Factories which is important factor in the salary in the industrial set up. Now OFB had appointed a committee for study of our proposal. 
General Secretary while addressing to the house he explained that NDGBGOA had met 7th CPC three times in different places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad since last six months and explained the genuine importance of the cadre and the same was appreciated by the 7th CPC and assurances received from Secretary/7th CPC that the committee will do proper justification to these JWM cadre in their report. The next Official meeting is fixed with 7th CPC  at Kolkata on 11-01-2015. Our association had taken up the important issue of Industrial Allowance for Gazetted Officers of Ordnance Factories. One more important demand which was initiated by our association is International LTC. As per the sources it is revealing that the same will be materialized by the Govt. within in a short span or in the 7th CPC. Our Assn had filed three court cases in Central Administrative Tribunals. Two cases are in Chennai in which one is nature of work and allowances and another is violation of SRO 227 by OFB (promotion from JWM to AWM).  In this regard OFB is preparing another list of promotions from JWM to AWM.  The case which is pending at Mumbai CAT for promotional increment may be finalized in the month of April’2015. As per the information from MoD it is expected to get the order on increment by February month and an office note was put up for approval to M of F. General Secretary also explained that the way Govt. is taking steps like division of core and non-core area of Ordnance factories and increasing of production targets is nothing but putting more pressure on O.F. Organization. By dividing the factories and by increasing the targets and curtailing the man power requirement the Govt. is stepping towards the Corporatization which is a big threat to all of us.  He requested house to be more vigilant in future about the Govt. activities which may lead to a question about the existence of our O.F. Organization.
While addressing to the house Sri Akilesh Kumar/Addl. GM expressed his deep concern about the JWM cadre and he hope that in forth coming 7th CPC JWM cadre will get justified pay scales. He also told that the NDGBGOA raised demands are very justified and genuine and management will definitely support to the JWM cadre in all respects.. 
Sri P.M. Mallick   PMO while addressing to the house, he expressed that the JWM’s are the back bone of the Organization and their contribution for planning to production is unforgettable.  
Sri Kajal Bishwas/JCM II/BPMS addressed the gathering and stated that the Federation will extend its cooperation to NDGBGOA in all respects to reach the goal of the NDGBGOA. 
The O.F. Bolangir Branch Secretary Sri S.K.Panigrahi extended   his sincere thanks to Chief Guest. He also expressed his gratitude for the arrangements made available to all NDGBGOA delegates by O.F. Bolangir management. He mentioned his sincere thanks to General Manager for giving permission and providing all the facilities for conducting the CEC meeting at O.F. Bolangir.    
The meeting ended with vote of thanks.  
The business session was started at 14.30 hrs on 09th January 2015. The GS/NDGBGOA had submitted the General Secretary report to the house on Association matters for the last 6 months. In his report he narrated elaborately about the meetings. 
Discrepancy in cadre review proposal for JWM ( Technical and non-technical)
Promotion from JWM to AWM.
Publishing of correct seniority list of JWM T/NT.
Reinstate of transferred cancel orders.
Transparent transfer policy.
Nature of duties of JWM (T) and NT.
Training of Group ‘B’ Gazetted Officers.
Formation of A/G section for JWM’s.
PLB and Risk allowance to all Gazetted Officers.
R&D and modernization of Ordnance Factories.
Honorarium for conducting inquiry.
Amendment in Hard station list of transfer policy.
Cadre review status of JWM’s.
Discussion of published revised seniority list of JWM’s.
Restoration of unauthorised withdrawal of promotional increment benefit.
Reinstate of transferred cancel orders and wrongly allotment of marks by transfer standing committee.
Discussion on 7th CPC memorandum forwarded by OFB for betterment of JWM cadre.
Promotion from JWM to AWM. 
Advance DPC for promotion from JWM to AWM.
Classification of Group B Gazetted as non ministerial cadre.
Timely fill up of promotion quota from JWM to AWM.
Early processing of pending cases of compassionate ground and spouse cases transfers.
Review of hard stations.
Forwarding of application for outside employment etc.
The business session closed at 19.00 hours on 09.01.2015.
On 09.01.2015, the NDGBGOA O.F. Bolangir Branch arranged Cultural Program followed by a dinner in which General Manager Sri Arvind Agarwal, IOFS, was the Chief Guest. General Manager was not at the station during inauguration function for which Chairman/OFBOL Branch Sri P.K.Das requested Chief Guest for addressing the gathering and explained the recent activities of Ordnance Factories in the line of Corporatization.
  The General Manager while addressing to the house explained that, at present several meetings are being conducted and it has been highlighted that the out turn/value of issue has not changed but the salary and wages has increased more than 50 % in the last three to four years. Secretary/DP has emphasized to issue production of 20,000 Crore with the manpower of 50,000. He has expressed that Corporatization of Ordnance Factories cannot be confirmed at this stage but this year will be challenging year for us to prove our efficiency.     
 Senior Officers, other Union and Association members and JWM’s of O.F. Badmal attended the program. 
The business session started on 10.01.2015 at 10.30 hours as per the schedule.
The Central Executive Committee unanimously decided to take up agitation program in all the branches for the following demands pertaining to Group-B Gazetted officers. 
Amendment in Seniority List JWM as per DOP&T order Dated 4.03.2014.
Publication of Duties & Responsibilities of JWM.
Incentive, Risk Allowance and PLB to Gazetted Officers.
Promotional Channel of JWM should be to WM 
Time bound Promotions of JWMs.
Transparent Transfer Policy for Group-B Gazetted officers.
MACP in Promotional Hierarchy.
The CEC unanimously accepted to go for agitation program as under if above stated cadre related problems are not attended by OFB by 28.02.2015.
A memorandum (can be downloaded from NDGBGOA blog spot) from CE HQrs & all the branches will be forwarded to OFB before 23rd January’ 2015. 
If the above points are not resolved by OFB, following agitation program will be observed in all the branches.

Wearing of Black Badges with the above demands-3rd Mar.2015.

Submission of memorandum by the branches
 to OFB through respected Factories -6th  Mar.2015.

Dharna at OFB head quarters - 30th Mar. 2015.

Dharna at Janthar Manthar                     -          20th April  2015

The CEC meeting ended with thanks to Chair & organizing Branch O.F. Badmal.
            -sd-                                                                      -sd-
S. Chandrakanth Rao                                     Jai Gopal Singh
        President General Secretary


Ref No : NDGBGOA/CE/OFBA/CEC-Resolution/08-15 Date: 11/01/2015

DGOF & Chairman,
Ordnance factory Board,
10A, SK Bose Road,

Subject : Resolutions taken at CEC meeting of NDGBGOA on 09th& 10th January 2015. Forwarding of
The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which was held 09th& 10th January 2015 at O.F. Badmal, had taken up the following resolutions unanimously which is forwarded herewith for your kind intervention and necessary action at the earliest please.
Resolution No.1 The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “HRA should be granted to JWMs those who are surrendered/not occupying govt. quarters in line with Kolakate CAT judgment”.
Resolution No.2 The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “incremental benefits should be granted to those who were promoted from CM-II to CM-I and AF/SH/FM to JWM between 01-01-2006 to 31-08-2008 as per DOPT guideline”. 
Resolution No.3 The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “ Incentive, Risk Allowance and PLB to be given to all the Gazetted Officers”. 
Resolution No.4The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at OF. Badmal unanimously resolved that “Updated seniority list of JWM’s  should be published in line with Supreme Court verdict”.
Resolution No.5The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “Separate Grevience redressal mechanism for Group “B’ (Gazetted) cadre in line with JCM  to be introduced”. 
Resolution No.6 The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “Promotional Channel of JWM should be to WM”. 
Resolution No.7 The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “Uniform date of promotion Of JWM for all trades i:e 31/05/2010 for the promotion effected in the year 2010 ”. 

Resolution No.8 The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “Publication of Duties & Responsibilities of JWM”. 

Resolution No.9 The Central Executive Committee of NDGBGOA which is on the session at O.F. Badmal unanimously resolved that “MACP in Promotional Hierarchy.
 This is for your kind information and necessary action at the earliest pl.

Thanking you,

                                                                     Yours faithfully.

                                                                   JaiGopal Singh
                                                                     General Secretary