Sunday, 11 March 2012

Authorization Form for NDGBGOA

Authorization Form
The Sr. General Manager/ General Manager,

Sub: Letter of Authorization

I  _____________________________________ (Name and Designation), being a member of National Defence Group B Gazetted Officers Association (NDGBGOA), hereby authorize the deduction of annual subscription of Rs. 100/- from my salary and authorize its payment to NDGBGO association.

                                                                                    Signature: ___________________
                                                                                    Name: _____________________
                                                                                    Personal No: ________________
                                                                                    Designation: _________________
                                                                                    Section: ____________________

To be filled by the Association

It is certified that Shri/Smt/Ku _________________________________ (Name and Designation) is a member of NDGBGO association.

Branch Office Bearer / NDGBGOA

Monday, 5 March 2012

Evolution of NDGBGOA

           Every group ‘B’ officer of Ordnance factories is aware about the repercussion of 6th CPC to our cadre, where our importance was not felt by the organization and we were placed to the lowest level in comparison to group ‘A’ and group ‘C’ cadres, in financial as well as promotional aspects. Each and every time, in meetings or elsewhere, the entire higher officials used to utter that group ‘B’ cadre (Middle management) is the back bone of the organization and without their hearty involvement organization cannot be brought up to a high level. But they have never thought how to improve the morale of this cadre so that the organization can be brought up to a greater height. It is a fact that the decision makers of our Ordnance Factories always have a very small tenure and in that small time span it is difficult for anyone to think for a long period and future of the organization. During their short tenure they could manage to complete their current targets by considering the demands of large group of employees i.e. the demand of group ‘C’ cadre. More over group ‘C’ employees has also got many forums to take their demands and get fruitful results on same. But group ‘B’ cadre has got very limited forums to represent their grievances/demands as per the provision of Govt of India. Therefore our grievances/demands have to be taken up by us and materialize them not only for the betterment of the cadre but also for betterment for our organization. Dear friends every group B cadre officer would have felt about the existence of association after formation of NDNGSA in ordnance factories and it is continuously striving for betterment of organization and justice for the cadre.
           As Chairman, OFB has not agreed to the bye-laws amendment proposal of NDNGSA to continue Chargeman and JWM in same NDNGS Association, our central executive met on 09/02/12 at Medak and decided to form NDGBGOA (NATIONAL DEFENCE GROUP B GAZETTED OFFICERS ASSOCIATION) as second ASSOCIATION for JWM to give justice to the cadre in a right spirit. It is clearly understood from this that OFB wants the JWM’s to be mum and also wants them to take up every responsibility given by superiors without demanding anything not even proper compensation for duties i.e. salary, allowances, welfare measures, etc.

           Now it has become our responsibility to think and look after ourselves and our needs. It is appealed to all the JWM’s of OF organization to join their hands together in NDGBGOA so that your rights are better fought for.